Just because

First there was All That Is

And that was pretty good

Eventually All That Is got bored with being all and everything

And wanted to be more, and have some company, and some surprises too

So how to be more when you are all that is

Brilliantly, using part of itself, it split off bits and sent them on their way

Giving the gift of free will to the New Selves

After untold indescribable infinities

The New Selves, did the same again to add variety and spice.

Add quite a number (uncountable) iterations

Devine division fractally

Bringing us to us

What we have here, what we are is a bit of all that is

With the same abilities scaled down

Relatively new as selves , babes in the woods of reality

Just trying to figure out what is what

Here in class, the earth school

Not bound by time or space

Yet held in place by beliefs about what is

Learning slow & steady

A day at time

To discard those limits


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