Will it fall so slowly

Will it come in fits and starts

or dribble from the sky

will it fall so slowly

drifting gently from on high

maybe just misty

for a day or two

with clouds of black or deeper shades of blue

will the clouds look like dragons

lashing spiky tails

spitting out bits of ice

I'll admit that would be nice

will it come and blast us all

like a firehose

with blasts of wind

soaked to the skin

ducks swim by on down the street

a good storm just can't be beat

the little creek now a tempest

hear its mighty roar

as the water rises

inches from the door

will we gasp and clutch ourselves

when the thunder pounds

or run about when the lights go out

to lay in bed covers overhead

so don't disappoint us

come on just let it fly

I'll believe it when I see it

with my own two eyes

so let it out

don't keep it to yourself

I hear it's good

for everybody's health

rain today or tomorrow

for three days or four

or for six days steady

on Sunday take a rest

for that's the day

I like sunshine best


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